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Why “Aspect:Ratio”?

Simply put: We tell stories in different aspect ratios.
The game is constantly evolving where change is the only constant.

From the early days of the heavyset square television to the ultra wide TV screen and now, the palm-sized screen of our mobile and tablets… Our options for content consumption are bountiful! But with that comes new challenges.

Today, with the ever-evolving mediums and a plenitude of selection, staying engaged – and ahead – can be a paralysing factor withholding many from achieving their dreams.

Hence, the birth of Aspect Ratio.

About Aspect Ratio
About Aspect Ratio 4:5

Consuming content in different aspect ratios influences our experience as a consumer (whether subliminally or explicitly) – and that is why we’re here to help brands achieve that:

To tell stories in different aspect ratios by
working closely with clients,
understanding their needs,
creating open conversations,
encouraging unreserved collaboration,

and employing the most effective strategy to turn their vision and messages into compelling and captivating visuals.